The purpose of the CAMS program is to offer our students who have exceeded college readiness standards in mathematics, science, and reading a high school curriculum rich with AP and Dual Credit mathematics and science classes that will both challenge and prepare them for a post-secondary education.

The CAMS program was formerly known as the College Preparatory Engineering Program (CPEA) at Cooper. We decided a name change was in order as we have many current students who wanted the challenging curriculum, but were hesitant to sign up because they do not want to be engineers.

The CAMS program offers programs for two different areas of interest: engineering and medical profession. Students who enter these programs will be surrounded with like-minded peers and a dedicated set of teachers to help push them to meet their full potential.

On top of having access to the most rigorous curriculum offered, CAMS students will also participate in group centered activities, special guest speakers, special recognition at graduation, and other perks. 

CAMS students have been accepted into distinguished programs like the Gatton Academy for Mathematics and Science in Kentucky and the NaviGo program that works with industry professionals. CAMS students also have a higher than average pass rate on Advanced Placement exams.

If this program sounds like something that you would be interested in joining, click HERE to download an application.